Terms and conditions

With the purpose of making it easier for your clients and visitors to access your services, Center Group S.A.S. puts at everyone’s disposal its website: www.centergroupsas.com, which shall be governed by the following conditions of use.

  1. Website scope: The only purpose of this website is to supply information related to the services provided by Center Group S.A.S. and a contact channel for your clients.

  2. Definition of user: By accessing and using this website, you immediately become a USER and, consequently, you must accept the General Conditions of Use stated herein.

  3. Content: The user acknowledges and accepts that the access to and use of Center Group S.A.S.’s website and the contents contained in it occur freely and in a conscious way, under the user’s exclusive responsibility. The access to the website does not imply any type of guarantee with regard to its suitability for the particular or specific purposes of any user.

  4. Responsibility related to the inadequate use of the website: In accordance with the privacy policy: The website’s visitor or user shall be responsible for any inadequate, illicit or abnormal use of the website’s contents, information or services. The website’s visitor or user shall not incur any illicit conducts such as computer attacks or damages, interception of communications, violations of the copyrights, or document forgery. Center Group S.A.S. authorizes you to download the contents and to copy or print any page of this website, provided no modifications, changes, eliminations or deletions are made to the information therein for subsequent disclosure.

  5. Exclusion of liability and warranties: Center Group S.A.S. shall not be liable, in any case, for any damages of any kind caused, in an expository manner, by: errors or omissions in the contents, lack of availability of the website or the transmission of viruses, malware or malicious software through the contents despite having incorporated all the necessary technological measures for avoiding them.

  6. Incorporation as per reference: The visitors and users of this website are advised that, pursuant to Article 44 from Act 527 of 1999, these conditions of use incorporate as per reference the privacy policy. The privacy policy and its terms shall be legally binding as if they have been entirely incorporated in these conditions of use.

  7. Acquisition and use of the information: Center Group S.A.S.’s website gathers clients’ information in the following cases: When the clients request information related to any of our products. When users create their client accounts. When users contact us through our contact form or the “Report an error” form.

When users subscribe to any of our electronic bulletins. The registration process is not required to access our website, but it is necessary for receiving our reports and newsletters. During the registration process, Center Group S.A.S. requests personal information such as your full name, your phone number, your email address, and all the information related to your company. After validating the information, you will receive a password assigned by us, which you will be able to change at any time. Center Group S.A.S. uses all this information to assess and continuously improve the products and services we offer, and to guarantee the effectiveness of their solutions.

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